Greatest songs of all time

Part of my music collection

What makes a truly great song? One of my favorite radio stations, WXPN out of Philadelphia, is nearing the end of a massive 2,020 song countdown as I write this. I started listening in earnest this morning at 8am, when they were at song 100. Other than an 1.5 hour break for lunch and stuff, I’ve been listening all day and agree with many of the songs to make this rarified group. I’m also working on a list of my own top 25 greatest songs, which are not necessarily my favorite songs, but songs that I’m trying to be more objective about. Some of these songs are undoubtedly favorites, but others are songs that I simply think are great. My sister is also working on a list, and we decided on New Year’s Eve as a deadline, so you’ll have to wait until then for my final list!


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