Chasing waterfalls, part two

I decided that October will be about waterfalls. I’ll continue writing about my rock & roll days when the inspiration strikes, but while the weather is good I want to be outside chasing waterfalls.

Part two took me to Cuyahoga Falls, a small city just north of Akron, Ohio. Once again, I went to patronize a local yarn store, this one being Harps & Thistles. It was my second visit there, having first ventured down that way in February when everything was different. I also tried going into a vintage clothing store (there are several to choose from), but it was a very small store and difficult to look at much while maintaining distance from the other people inside. With a couple hours before my next obligation, I decided to look up information about the falls.

The description online was discouraging, and basically said not to expect much – there were originally two waterfalls on the Cuyahoga River, called the Big Falls and the Little Falls. Currently, the best views of the latter are from a Sheraton hotel, but I found a park a short drive down the street that gave me a decent enough view.

Like many waterfalls near cities, the Big Falls were dammed in order to harness power from the water. However, Summit County created the Gorge Metropark around that area of the river, and it is well worth the trip. In addition to the man-made waterfall, the other highlight is a space currently known as Mary Campbell Cave (this is being changed to Old Maid’s Kitchen to better reflect history).

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for part three, where I go off-trail to find a waterfall!


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